Feng Shui for Medical Professionals - Doctoring the Luck of Doctors

After writing an article in 4D, a magazine for the doctors, I started having doctors as my clients. I find the doctors open minded and willing to experiment. They happily incorporate the changes and keep in touch, informing me of the Feng Shui impact.

There are two hospitals - one in Noida and another in Chennai - that have incorporated the Feng Shui changes two months ago, things like shifting the maternity ward to Children & Creativity corner and billing department in the Money corner and have since noticed interesting changes for the better. I hope to get more details and write about them in this column. 

In the meanwhile is this case of a father and his son, both in medical profession.
The father, Dr XYZ (name withheld on request) first consulted me when he acquired new premises for his clinic. He was a dentist and had started one more clinic for his successful practice. Somehow, the clinic didn't take off even after six months. While in the first premises he had a line up of patients, the second clinic remained under-utilized.
"Why did you acquire another clinic in another locality?" I asked him.
"It is for my son who has enrolled to become a dentist. This is like an investment and I was hoping that I give him a running clinic." He told me. He wanted me to incorporate changes for better business.
There were some flaws. One of the main Feng Shui flaws was that a crematorium was nearby. Besides, his desk was placed in Helpful Friends corner, and he was facing one of his unlucky directions: Southwest. The Money corner was incomplete too. The door of the clinic was facing East.
After the Feng Shui corrections his collection improved to some extent but somehow he had a feeling that he wasn't able to exploit the full potential of the clinic.
I asked him the date of birth of his son.
His son's auspicious element turned out to be Fire.
"Why don't you ask him to go for cosmetic dentistry?"
"That is what is bothering me. He doesn't like the regular dentist's work. He wants to focus on cosmetics. In fact, he wanted to be a sexologist." said the father with dismay.
"You stop worrying about your son's future. By intuition, he has chosen the right career for him. In fact, he might have struggled had he become a regular dentist. The element that rules Dentists & Orthodontists is Metal. It is locked in the destructive cycle with Fire, the auspicious element of your son. Fire, on the other hand, rules cosmetic surgery and similar branches. Sexology too is ruled by Fire! Mark my words, your son will be unusually successful and his practice will flourish in this very clinic. Some changes will be necessary but even the door direction (East) is better for him. It is his Shengh Chi (Success direction) whereas for you Shengh Chi is southeast. And if you notice, the door of your main clinic is facing southeast!"
Two years after this conversation and after incorporating the changes in the clinic, his son has a roaring practice that threatens to overtake his father's business!

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