Feng Shui help for a clinic

Sir, my husband is a doctor. He is the only source of income . I want his income to improve as well as I give him a strong financial support. The major problem we are facing right now is what ever comes does not stay, To say we are not able to save any thing, People say my house Vastu has to be corrected which is not so easy. Kindly help for both clinic and house. Also tell whether or not I CAN DO SOMETHING  b'coz till now what ever I have tried is become a failure. I really want b recognized by people and stand on my legs.

Mueza Afroz


Vastu or, to be accurate, Feng Shui of the house needs to be checked and corrected. Your concerns can be addressed only in a full consultation. You are advice to opt for Feng Shui for home.



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