Is the death of fish a bad omen?

Hi Mohan, recession had affected me badly. My business was down. Following your advice, I placed an Arowana in the Wealth corner and I soon noticed a jump in my earnings. However, the fish died soon. I replaced it but again it died. I am worried. Is it a bad omen? Moreover, is there any other Feng Shui product I can use with similar results?

Paulo Holt, San Francisco

There is no need to worry if the fish die, as it is believed that she is absorbing your bad energy and bad luck. The combination is 8 goldfish and 1 black fish too is very good. Replace the fish keeping the numbers same.

A more dependable alternative with similar results is the painting of Gold Rush. You do not need to feed the fish, change water and worry about the fish. Gold Rush is a painting of the most coveted golden arowana.




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