The Magic of the Wealth Vase

For years Morton Cooper nursed a dream…He wanted to be a millionaire!

"When I am talking about being a millionaire I don’t mean to include the house I live in as that alone would be worth 2-3 million. Nor do I want to count the value of my wife’s gold and diamond in the house or the amount of deposit I have paid for my office. I am talking of real million. Cash. Cash I can lay my hands on when I want to. I thought I would feel secure with that kind of money.

"But it was difficult to turn it into reality till you guided me and did the Feng Shui of my home." He now says with a smile. Among other Feng Shui products he, rightly, gives credit to the Wealth Vase I created for him. My life transformed within days of acquiring the Vase. It turned out to be the Wealth Vase, indeed.

"The year ended with a net profit of $250,000. This was 5 times more than my net profit in the earlier year. I don’t have a million yet but I am on the way." Interestingly, he took a break before starting the journey for his first million. Morton took a brief holiday with Tina, his girl friend.

I don’t suggest Wealth Vase to every client. Wealth Vase comes after incorporating the Feng Shui changes and feeling positive about it. Whenever any client has returned to me with the request of fine-tuning the Feng Shui of their house, or whenever I have found them ready to acquire a Wealth Vase I suggest it.

Traditions of keeping Wealth Vases can be found in Tibet, Greece, China and India.

The Wealth Vase, in its proper Feng Shui way, has proved to be a boon again and again.

The ingredients include coins, foreign currency, Laughing Buddha (or money god or Lord Ganesh or Goddess Laxmi), gold ingots, a selection from semi precious stones (red jasper, lepis letuna, jade, brown, white) and if possible a selection from Tiger’s eye, Ruby, Saphire, Topaz, Turquoise, Emerald, Coral, Garnet) [Note: The choice of the stones and gems depend on the auspicious element of the Head of the Family.], a set of I-Ching coins in Ang Pow, a crystal globe, five grains, Sandal wood dust and Pa Kua coin.

You also need to get the soil of a rich friend to complete the Wealth Vase. The Vase has to be covered with 5 pieces of cloth of 5 colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and White) and has to be kept hidden in the house. The order of the color too depends on your auspicious element.

Where to hide the Vase?

If the Vase is made of metal, it may be placed in the corners that are ruled by Metal or Water. This will be Career & Opportunities corner or Helpful Friends & Patronage Corner. (If it seems too complicated for you, do not fret. I will organize it for you.) As mentioned earlier, keep the vase hidden from other people. Take it out every Chinese New Year; clean the outside surface but never open it.

Note: The right of privacy is sacred for me. The names of the people mentioned in the diary are usually changed to protect the identity of my clients. The real names are mentioned with the consent of people mentioned.The picture accompanying the article is only for representational purpose.

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