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A way of life for Indians


Vastu - Feng Shui has been a way of life for Indians for thousands of years; and even when they are away from the roots, Indians continue to consult before starting any business as well as moving into a new house. 

Those who forget too return to roots, sooner or later.

Here is an experience I'd share with the Indians settled out of India.

Eleven years back, Maheshwari (name changed to protect the identity of the client) got himself a green card after a lot of running around and networking. And he became an American citizen. He had suffered losses while doing business in India and was very hopeful of making some money in America like his brothers had done. But bad luck continued to dog him. The house he purchased (on installments) became a liability as the property prices fell and the general store he ran suffered the same fate he had known when in India. 


He wrote to me a couple of years ago. He couldn't afford to have me visit him but I found a via media for him. I asked him to send me the plan of his house, his shop, his date of birth and some photographs of the interior of his house. The door of his house was opening in West. The door of his shop was opening in North East. A couple of hours were enough to locate the trouble spots. His birth date was 9th October 1969. His Pa Kua number worked out to be 4. West was his lui sha (six killing direction) and North East was his chueh ming (total loss direction).




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Feng Shui of his shop

The cash counter of his shop was in Knowledge area and he sat facing North West. North West is his ho hai (unlucky direction). It wasn't possible for him to build a door facing his auspicious direction as the shop was on rent.I advised him to keep potted plants in such a way that customers entered from North. North is his shengh chi (success direction). I also advised him to change the position of his cash counter and to sit facing North.

After twenty five changes, some minor and the other major, had been made in his shop and house I completed his Feng Shui. For the first time in years he has had three profitable months and he is thrilled.


Note: While the names are changed to protect the identity of my businessmen clients, here are authentic testimonials identifying clients with their permission.


Feng Shui is an ancient practice from Orient, and Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep has been practicing for over 14 years.

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