"I realized how many unfulfilled desires have become realities during the last 3 years after I consulted you for Feng Shui."

'Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya is Tollywood’s first huge hit of 2013!'

“I am always hesitant for mystical things like Feng Shui.”

I am always hesitant for mystical things like Feng Shui. I fear that ignorance of the subject on the part of the practitioner or not fully implementing it may bring negativity.

"In a few months, my work started building up and my savings were now moving upwards at an unbelievable pace! Now I was earning each month a figure which, just 3 years ago was my per annum gross! I can firmly say that this is because of Feng Shui coupled with hard work, which has borne results. It's almost like my finances were playing ‘Catching - up' with my earnings of the past 20 years.

"I have noticed a marked improvement in our business and steady flow in funds..."

"I want to share some good news. Sir, Raj has got a very good job and we are leaving India by year end Raj leaves this month and we follow soon

“I had to be a little patient and positive. And i think the 9 dragons and the pagoda did the magic. I am very thankful to you sir. And your blessings have worked. The position had got closed and then it reopened in a week or so. It happened right after I got the painting of 9 Dragons and the Pagoda! 

“I somehow had believed in it the day it came into my house.

“My husband was skeptical about the Feng Shui paintings…”

...Though hard work and dedication will help us succeed in everything, we still need a touchstone to polish our luck. Mohanji’s Phoenix was just that.

"Mr. Mohan Deep is the Master among the Feng Shui masters."

“Life as a freelance photographer in Bollywood was always tough. Somehow my struggle was tougher. But once Mohan Deepji came into picture, helped me with his advice my fortunes changed. 

"With your consultation, I achieved some impossible tasks in my life, which I never thought I would."

“I have got a new job with much higher salary and perks and my cabin is larger than the cabin of my earlier boss!”

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