"I started keeping Feng Shui coins in my purse right from the day you energized and gave them to me. Now my purse is always full of money. Moreover, my practice has increased manifold. I am so busy. Eearlier, I used to visit my mother every alternate day and now it is once a month!"
Dr Sushma Aurangabadkar , Mumbai.

 "Father of Feng Shui.” - Shekhar Suman , Indian film actor and a top TV anchor

"I had some delicate issues and wanted complete privacy..."

"Things started happening on my career front after Feng Shui."

"My business is established and my life is settled...because of Feng Shui."

" Life has changed for me, brought me success, happiness..." - Brijesh R Katal, a seaman. 



I must say that Feng Shui changed our life. Within less than six months we expanded our business of cheese, are growing as a brand and spreading everywhere including Indian shopping malls. And the man I love. proposed marriage and right now we are on honeymoon in India.

"I lost my marketing job with the Washington Times in the wake of the 11/9 tragedy which was followed by problems in the United States . After the Feng Shui changes suggested by you in the Career corner of my house my wife got promotion in her job and then I got this cushy job in publishing."
Anil Bhaktani , Senior Marketing and Advertising Professional, Mumbai.

"In less than a month after consulting Mr Mohan Deep, snags from my professional life disappeared. I got approval for two TV projects and assignments in TV serials and films. The money problem too disappeared."
Grusha Kapoor, Bollywood movie actress and producer

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"Feng Shui always intrigued me. I took a chance and consulted you. Things started happening within days. Feng Shui saved me from bankruptcy. I was thinking of killing myself due to the stress and worry about repayments and here I am now, happy and relieved. Thank you, Mr Mohan Deep."
Sonoda Kobayashi, Architect, Tokyo , Japan

Dear Sir,
Good Morning.
This time Am not with any queries or doubts, but with great joy.
I am very very glad to tell u, after FS, the first and most awaited result came out in favor of my Papa. I told u, there is a case against him. Today its verdict came. Court declared, it is only a fabricated case against him..

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