We find that Feng Shui is benefiting us. Hoping to meet you again for our factory too.
Heroiz and Farzad

You and feng Shui have changed my life for the best and I'm grateful to you forever. God bless you.
Farida, Jimmy and Parizad

"My son had left for the US , to prove himself. There was no need, as we are very rich and he could do something in India too, if he had to prove himself. But he returned to me, thanks to Feng Shui."
A Maharashtrian lady dowager

"My faith in Feng Shui has been restored. I followed your Feng Shui suggestions and started sitting in my Success direction, and in a little over 3 months, I got the posting I wanted."
V. Balkrishan, Bangalore


"Feng Shui made a lot of difference. The negative vibes turned positive. This is why I am here (launching the book of Mohan Deep)." said Ajay Devgan, the movie star who was to rise like the proverbial phoenix.

"Dear Mr Deep, six months back when I approached you for Feng Shui consultation I almost fought with my husband. There are many Chinese Feng Shui consultants here and Feng Shui is a way of life here. I approached you because I received good vibes from your photograph. My sixth sense told me that here is the man who can help me. I am glad to say that you have vindicated my trust in you. My husband's business has again picked up and he has started keeping your photograph on his table!

I wanted to specifically place on record that we have significantly seen a change since April 2005 in our careers and general state of mind.  Thank you once again.

Dear Mr. Mohan Deep, I am Pooja Gupta if you remember me. About 2 years ago I consulted you for feng shui help regarding my marriage and it was a very big help. After applying your suggestions and advice I got married to a wonderful person.

Dear Mr Mohan Deep,
This letter is to thank you for helping me with your Feng Shui suggestions.
If you recall I approached you because you had worked MIRACLES for a friend of mine, my own countryman. Feng Shui is a part of our culture and there are many Feng Shui experts in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Tibet . Why should a Japanese architect consult an Indian Feng Shui consultant?

July 07:
Here are few things i have noticed as change after your consultation.
The flat dispute is going to end by Nov 1 peacefully. Few families  little not in good terms with us are having their own issues so my parents are less worried from them.Less stress from them.
My father'a health has been improved and he is busy in studies.
Basically things have improved lot to live peacefully in home.
November 07:
Some good news from my parents home that you have visited. Yesterday it got free from the case. Now they can sell it off the property.


...These projects which could have been pipe dreams started to materlize into hard core business and that too on regular frequency, today I am proud to say that my company is one of the chosen few in wind turbine/community power projects and Eco Energy projects which now the world is sourcing from India.

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